Throughout the centuries mankind has kept records. Not content with simple words he has yearned to create a thing of beauty. I have been fascinated by the exquisite loveliness of the illuminated manuscripts of the Medieval period. Their records and books, embellished with fanciful letters, delicate designs and detailed illustrations have left their legacy on the Leaves of Time.

I have felt that same yearning. I love to bring beauty to the leaves of my life, and I love to see the creativity of others. My eyes are drawn to anything lovely. They search with fascination the details that reveal the creators personalities. I find myself entering other places, times and feelings, or simply enjoying the turn of a pen on a page.

Evidence is everywhere that others feel as I do. In the past only a select few had the responsibility to create illuminated records. As modern illuminators with abundant resources at our fingertips, we now have the opportunity to be record keepers extraordinare.

We choose to illuminate: personal & family histories, journals, scrapbooks, baby books, photo journals & albums, books of remembrance, bookmarks, posters, flyers, place cards, business cards, announcements, invitations, cards, stationery, note paper, postcards, school reports, projects, handouts and records, recipes, shopping lists, planners, and more.

I draw because I love to. I made these drawings for my use and offer them to you as another option to help you express yourself as you leave your mark on the

Leaves of Time.

All graphics in the products and on this site are copyright protected and
are for personal use only unless you receive prior written permission from Leaves of Time.