Create a Clipart Index


1. Make a Plan
2. Arrange the clipart on the page
3. Label the clipart
4. Print Indexes

1. Make a Plan

Organize your computer files and index to match
In your plan you will want to organize files in your hard drive to match the index.
Main Folder - Clipart
      Within the Clipart Folder are the following Folders
      1. American Patriotic
      2. Ballet
      3. Beach/Summer
      4. Boats/Nautical
      5. Camping
      6. Christmas
      7. Classical
      8. Cooking/Kitchen
      9. Easter
      10. Fairy Tales
      11. Fall
      12. Flower/Fairies
      13. Hearts/Angels/Valentines
      14. Laces/Ribbons
      15. Music
      16. Scrapbook/Writing
      17. School/Learning
      18. St. Patrick's Day
      19. Thanksgiving
      20. Winter
      21. Background Tiles
            Within each of those folders, with the exception of the Background Tiles, place the following folders:
            1. Clips
            2. Edges and Borders
            3. Frames, Labels, Banners, Scrolls
            4. Corners
Once you have these folders set up you can move any previously saved Free Clipart into the folders by subject and type. As future Free Clipart is added to the Leaf Collecting simply download and save to the appropriate folder. As I mentioned before, to make an index you have to decide how you want the clipart organized. In the past I had my Free Clipart organized by the month. Each month as I sent the clipart to the website, I made an index page for that month.

If you want to have broader subjects such as Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, etc., that's up to you. The above is just a suggestion.

With this system you can add new pages within a subject by type. For example, I can add a new Lace Edge or Border under that type in the Laces/Ribbons subject. It will be saved in that folder on my hard drive and place in the index under that tab. With everything coordinated you can find things quicker.

You may wish to organize it in another way. Just have the computer files and the Leaf Collection Log Indexes match.

I suggest you keep all of the Background Tiles in the same folder on your hard drive for easy access.

2. Arrange the clipart on the page

Once you have your plan worked out and your clipart sorted into the different folders on your drive you can start your index.

  • Open a new Page (see D#1).
  • Prepare for text (see D#11). You may want to have your page title a larger size than the labels for the clipart.
  • Click the Text Tool. Click where you want to type the title for the page. You can always move it if you don't like where it appears. To move it. Click on the Arrow Tool. Click on the text to Select it, hold and drag it to the new position.
  • In the Options Menu click Import (see D#3). Click on the yellow file folder with the arrow to find the drive where your clipart folders are. Click on the first subject folder on your list. Click on the first item in the folder. Notice the name of the item. Click Import.
  • Click on the page to place the clipart. Decide if you want to keep the clipart at the original size or if you want to reduce it and have all the clipart a similar size. If you decide to reduce it then (see D#9). Click, hold and drag the clipart to the place where you want it.

    3. Label the clipart

  • Click on the Text Tool. Adjust the font size, click OK on the Text Attribute window.
  • Click below the clipart image and type the filename of the clipart. Click on the Arrow Tool. Begin again to Import, Size, Move, and Label the next piece of clipart in the folder, until all items in the folder are placed and labeled.

    4. Print Indexes

    Print your index pages and add to your Leaf Collection Log under the appropriate tab.

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