Graphics Programs

The activities in the Illuminator's Workshop must be done using a graphics program. There are many out there, but only one that I know of that will do every activity I have included here. Therefore I am recommending the following:

Corel Draw Essentials

This is the top graphics program to me. It is finally in a much more affordable price range and in my opinion worth every cent in ease of use and multitude of capabilities. It is the very quickest way to get the job done when it comes to changing the ink color of clipart and making backgrounds. They've added new text features which I am excited to start playing with. This program comes with a modified version of Corel Draw 9, Corel Photo Paint 9, Corel Capture and a whole disk of additional clipart, photos and fonts. If I could talk you into which graphics program to buy it would be this one. (And no, I don't get a commission from Corel, I'm just a happy user.) For all those who have waited for the Magic Paintbrush, this is the program that will do all the things you've been waiting to be able to do and tons more and do it fast!! It's worth saving for. Available at:

CompUSA for $99 for $109. You may also read an overview list of programs features on this website.

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