Create a Leaf Collection Log

Supplies needed:
    An 8 1/2" x 11" binder. (Mine is white and flexible.)
    Plastic sheet protectors.
    Tab pages - to label the different sections and topics for quick access.
    Paper to print on
    Your computer and graphics program

1. Personal Color Palette Index
2. Clipart Index
3. Background Size Index
4. Layout Ideas

1. Personal Color Palette Index

Another important resource in my Leaf Collection Log is my Color Palette Index. I refer to this regularly to find just the right color for my backgrounds and clipart. As accurate as a computer monitor may be, the printed page always tells the final truth about the color you have chosen.

For detailed instructions on how to choose your color palette see Create a Personal Color Palette. For detailed instructions on how to make an index see Create a Color Palette Index for your Leaf Collection Log.

2. Clipart Index

The purpose of the Leaf Collection Log is to have a handy place to look up your Leaf Collection (all the free clipart you collect from Leaves of Time). In the past, when I put together each month's free clipart I printed that month's collection on a page, put the month title (example - February 2001) at the top of the page, and the file name next to each clipart sample.

Now that the Leaf Collecting is organized by subject, you might want to make a tab for each subject. As I add more free clipart to each subject, you can add additional pages under the tabs. But that is only one option. You will want to organize the clipart in YOUR Leaf Collection Log in the way that serves you best. Some possibilities are:

By the month, season, subject, type of clipart - for example all of the borders together, all of the edges together, or a combination.

As surely as you choose one way, you will see another possibility. Just decide which system would be most useful for you, then make a plan. For more detailed instructions see Creating a Clipart Index for your Leaf Collection Log.

3. Background Size Index

As you start making backgrounds regularly, it will be very useful to have a reference that give you an idea how big the different sizes will print. For detailed instructions on how to make this reference see Create a Background Size Index for your Leaf Collection Log.

4. Layout Ideas

In addition to the favorite page layouts I've collected from magazines and catalogs, I have pages of thumbnails sketches of layout ideas that I refer to for inspiration when I begin a new set of pages. I find my inspiration in a variety of books. Any beautiful book that you love to look at has the benefit of a designer's thoughtful layout skills. The next time you look at a beautiful picture book that appeals to you, consider it from a layout or color scheme point of view. Look in children's books where fantastic illustrators tell the stories through pictures in a fascinating, innovative way. Some of my favorite storybooks are illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Trina Schart Hyman and Jan Brett. Mary Engelbreit's magazine and Debbie Mumm's quilt books are also inspirational. Remember you are looking for layout. If their style of artwork is appealing to you that is an added bonus. I also find inspiration in art, garden, decorating, and even cookbooks. The cookbook collection's of Susan Branch's Heart of the Home and Shelley Reeves-Smith from Among Friends are beautiful and will not only inspire you to run to the kitchen, but also to get out your scrapbook idea log. Another favorite source for page layouts ideas is a beautiful little treasure of a book called Edwardian Rambles by Henry Atty.

Having so many sources can be a pleasure AND a problem. You can't always rip your favorites out and place them in a binder. Here again, you can develop a system. Take advantage of a scanner, or create a database. The easiest method might be to keep a log and jot down an idea, the book or magazine and page number, and keep it in your Leaf Collection Log. Or if you are inclined, make pages of thumbnail sketches with the reference information to refer back to the originals.

The process of looking for ideas is an enjoyable and rewarding experience in its own right! Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist's Way, recommends that we take regular Artist's Dates, where we fill our souls with beautiful images. She suggests a ramble through a button shop, a garden, a museum or anyplace you might find fascinating. Just look and soak it up, any experience such as this is bound to broaden you imagination. I call them Magic Paintbrush Days, because as someone once said, we need to "paint the walls of our minds with many beautiful thoughts." I look at life as an adventure, and finding the inspiration and the motivation to record that life in the beautiful way that it merits is an adventure in itself!

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