Welcome to the Illuminator's Workshop! We have a lot of exciting things to do here together!

Welcome to my Workshop

Come into my workshop for a get acquainted tour.

Graphics Program

You must have the appropriate graphics program to do the activities in the Illuminator's Workshop. I will explain which one here.

Tip of the Century

I'm thrilled to share with you something I just discovered that opened a whole new world of possibilities for MY projects. If I ever think of any more great ideas, I'll probably list them here.

Workshop Activities

Choose and click on an activity from the following list. For ease of use, print the instructions and add them to your Leaf Collection Log.

1. Create a Leaf Collection Log
2. Legend and General Directions for Corel Draw Essentials (Print this before doing the other activities)
3. Create a Personal Color Palette
4. Create a Personal Color Palette Index
5. Create a Clipart Index
6. Create Backgrounds
7. Create a Background Size Index


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